The Polar FT80 Supports You With Features, GPS Capabilities

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Polar FT80 Heart Rate MonitorCardiovascular conditioning prevents disease and common illnesses, and research proves its effectiveness during the treatment of many diseases like cancer and osteoporosis. Motivation and safety are key ingredients in any exercise program. Goal setting and biofeedback are important ways of ensuring motivation and safety. The Polar FT80 heart rate monitor aids in an optimum workout by providing real-time statistics and tracking progress.

With a monitor, you can easily monitor baseline heart rate, establish a heart rate training zone, and set goals for future sessions. Polar provides the ability to upload data into specialized software for graphing, comparisons, and sharing with medical or training professionals. Take a closer look at some of the basic features:

  • Training safety is easy to establish by inputting the heart rate limits. Alarms let you know when your rate reaches the minimum limit, goes below the minimum, or exceeds the maximum.
  • Another important measure in many workout routines is caloric expenditure. Polar OwnCal tracks calories and the percentage of fat burned in a workout.
  •  Training guidance further enhances the workout by suggesting optimum rest periods during anaerobic routines.

Those who prefer outdoor exercise will enjoy the GPS functionality of Polar monitors. The Polar FT80 is GPS compatible and is a favorite among those who enjoy both indoor and outdoor exercise.

But beyond this, the Polar FT80 offers superior tracking and coaching for those who want to push themselves to the next level. This heart rate monitor includes the Polar Fitness Test for testing fitness levels, strength training guidance features, and the Polar STAR training program, which gives you weekly training targets, adapts to your training habits to guide you without being too strict and allows you flexibility during the week.

Coach yourself to your fitness goals with the Polar FT80 – one of our most popular monitors at

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