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Ready for Thanksgiving? Be sure to keep your calories in check!

We all are looking forward to indulging into our scrumptious Thanksgiving feasts this week. With the highly-piled plates of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, it is hard to pass on most dishes. We also know we’ll be hitting the gym the following morning to try to burn off the many consumed calories. To help you out, we provided you with a Thanksgiving Calorie Calculator that lists the approximate calories for several menu items. We also included the treadmill time that it would take to walk (or run) off all of those calories.

  • Turkey: A 6 ounce serving is 340 calories, which would require a 35 minute jog on the treadmill to burn off. Don’t forget about the gravy, which is 150 calories for ½ cup. Add an extra 15 minutes to your treadmill time to burn off the gravy.
  • Ham: A 6 ounce serving is 300 calories. Jog 31 minutes on the treadmill to burn them.
  • Stuffing: ½ cup of stuffing is 180 calories or an 18 minute jog on the treadmill.
  • Mashed Potatoes: ½ cup is 150 calories and will require 15 minutes on the treadmill.
  • Roll with Butter: This will be 155 calories and a 15 minute jog.
  • Cranberry Sauce: ½ cup of delicious cranberry sauce will require a 20 minute jog to burn off 190 calories.
  • Green Bean Casserole: ½ cup will cost you a 23 minute jog to burn 150 calories.
  • Pumpkin Pie: Are you up for dessert? 1 piece of pumpkin pie is 180 calories. Jog for 18 minutes to burn them off.
  • Beverages: Don’t forget about the dessert drinks or eggnog! 1 cup of eggnog is a whopping 343 calories (35 minutes on the treadmill,) and a glass of wine is 120 calories (15 minutes on treadmill.)

If you plan on eating all of the above, you will have consumed 2,258 calories, which is equal to a 4 hour jog on a treadmill! It is important to eat smaller portions of your Thanksgiving Day meal, especially if you are attending more than one feast. So, to keep  your Thanksgiving meal healthy, we recommend eating small portions, filling your plate with steamed veggies instead of rich casseroles, and enjoying desserts in moderation. Choose water instead of sugary drinks and try to pace yourself while eating and really enjoy it (you’ll have less of a chance of overeating)!

From all of us at, we hope you have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.

And no worries – we’ll be here to keep you motivated toward staying healthy through the holidays long after the leftovers have been put away :)

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