Shed the Pounds with Fun Group Exercise Classes

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Regular cardio exercise is important for your heart, body and mind. Not only does it help reduce body fat, but it also helps lower cholesterol, keeps your heart healthy and is an overall mood-booster. However, a problem many people encounter is that they find their workout routines to get dull and mundane. The thought of having to drag yourself to the gym every other day for the same jog on a treadmill can be a big roadblock to reaching your fitness goals.

So what is the solution? Group exercise classes are fun, social, challenging, and some are very new and unique to the fitness industry. So skip the stationary cardio machines, and try attending some of these top group exercise classes at your local gym.

  • Zumba classes are designed for everyone, even if you’re not a dancer! The combination of Latin music with a fun and effective workout, will surely make you break a sweat.
  • Water Aerobics includes classes such as Yoga, Kickboxing and Pilates that have moved into the pool. These classes are varied, exciting, and many may use props that help with strength building, as you resist each move you make against the water.
  • Kickboxing includes a series of repetitive punches, kicks and other self defense moves to give you an effective resistance training and cardio workout.
  • Z-Box Fitness is one of the newest fitness crazes around. It blends hip hop dance moves with boxing moves. The class ends with Z.E.N., for the perfect relaxation experience.
  • Hot Yoga classes are taken in a 95 degree Fahrenheit room. The heat promotes intense sweating, which will loosen your muscles and help cleanse the body.
  • CrossFit group classes will give you a full body workout with its varying exercise routines. Whether you are jumping rope, weightlifting or utilizing gymnastic rings, this strength and conditioning class can help improve your overall fitness.

With the holidays coming up fast, many gyms and fitness facilities may be offering discounted memberships. This makes it the perfect time to sign up and experience some of today’s most enthusiastic group exercise classes.

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