The Green Juice Formula and why it’s fool-proof

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Find out about the new healthy living craze - green juice!

Looking to try out the new green juice craze? If you’re taking steps towards healthy living and a fit, active lifestyle, this new craze is perfect for you! We have the fool proof formula for Green Juice so that you can have a tasty drink and all the health benefits too!

First, pick your base – A base would be a juicier more hearty fruit or vegetable. We recommend carrots, celery, cucumbers, or apples as your base, but you can pick any one that you have in your fridge – just make sure it’s full of liquid.

Next, pick your leafy greens – This is the green in green juice, people, so make sure at least one of these guys makes it in! You can pick from really any dark green – kale, romaine, dandelion, cabbage, or spinach – to add for some extra calcium and other vitamins. This is what makes green juice so powerful in fighting off diseases.

Lastly, pick your fruit – This is where the flavor of the juice comes in! You can pick a variety of fruits depending on your taste preference or what you’re looking to get out of the juice. Blueberries, apples, bananas, grapefruit, and pears are all really great choices for your fruit. You can ever pick more than one if you’d like!

Have any tips to help us green juice our way towards healthy living? Leave it with us in a comment below!

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