Heart Rate Monitors for Horses: Taking Training to a New Level

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Learn about our two most favorite features of our monitors for equine!

Yes, the title says it all: we now carry a line of heart rate monitors from Polar for horses! These monitors for equine take training for your next race or event to a whole new level. By getting the best reading of your horse’s heart rate, you’ll be able to optimize practice times, as well as better monitor their heart during resting and recovery periods as well. HRM USA has put together just a few of our favorite features within our monitors for equine below.

Speed and distance – Tracking your equine’s exercise exertion throughout your training sessions is important, especially to see if they’re fit to even withstand a rigorous training process. You can also track your horse’s distance throughout the training period as well.

Equine Inzone – Perhaps your horse is recovering from an injury and you’re working towards another event. Tracking specific information through the Polar Equine Inzone can actually let you see just how hard your horse is working when training. This is really important because over-doing it might set them back in training.

Want to see more of our monitors for equine? Visit us today at HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com!


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