New Year New You

How often have we heard this statement? Well, it’s now January and most of us have made those New Year resolutions. In fact a study done by the University of Scranton said 45% of Americans make a resolution to lose weight. This was the #1 resolution in 2014 based on the data collected. In fact the top 5 resolutions were:
1. Lose Weight
2. Getting Organized
3. Spend Less, Save More
4. Enjoy Life to the Fullest
5. Staying Fit and Healthy

If we look at these top 5 resolutions, all of them can be met by adopting a regimen of regular exercise. If you think about it, exercise is probably the key factor in helping us meet all of the top 5 resolutions listed above.

If you exercise and adopt a healthy eating lifestyle the pounds will drop off and you will find yourself reaching your Weight Loss Goal.

Exercise can also help you keep the resolution of Getting Organized. If you incorporate a regular exercise routine into your daily schedule, you will need to plan out your day so that you have time for that exercise routine to take place. This will provide you with the incentive to organize your day.

Spend Less, Save More: Again, exercise can help you achieve this goal as well. Think about it this way. If you adopt an exercise program, usually healthy eating accompanies it. By doing these two things your body begins to react to all the good things that are beginning to happen to it and you end up have a healthier body. When this happens you won’t find yourself going to the doctor’s office as much since your weight loss and healthy eating habits will make you feel better. Thus you will be spending less money.

Enjoy Life to the Fullest: How often have we heard that exercise has a positive effect on your attitude and self-confidence? Well this has been around since the days of Hippocrates, who was the first Western physician to prescribe this treatment 2,500 years ago, and doctors have been recommending it to their patients ever since. So by adopting a regimen of exercise into your daily schedule you will be on the way to helping you to achieve this goal as well.  And who doesn’t want to Enjoy their life to the fullest?

Staying Fit and Healthy: This resolution will be gained by adopting all of the other resolutions above! Exercise is a key component to your resolution of staying Fit and Healthy for the new year and every year thereafter. To help you track your activities and exercise routines during the day try using the Fitbit Flex activity monitor. This great device will even monitors how well you sleep at night!

So, New Year, New You? It can be if you stay on track by adopting an exercise and healthy eating life style change. Your resolutions for the New Year can be met. Then when you are looking back on this year, you can be proud of not only keeping your resolutions but also proud of the results you will see in having a healthier new body and outlook on life.

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