Labor Day Doesn’t Mean The End to Fitness!

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Labor Day is usually thought of as the End of Summer Bash!  Everyone tries to get in as much fun and food as they can on this last “Summer Time” holiday.  When most people think of Labor Day activities, they are thinking about heading out to the beach, lake, camp-grounds or back yard family barbeques.  Besides the good food there are also the out-door games like volleyball, badminton, horseshoes and maybe even a water-balloon fight to cool everyone down.  But don’t let the bountiful amounts of food that’s there for the picking spoil all the work you’ve done this summer in keeping yourself fit and healthy.  Remember it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of year-round fitness, when temptations are near, but the fix is really simple.

Here are a few suggestions to keep you on your fitness track before and after the Labor Day Holiday takes place.

Paddle-Boarding: This is one outdoor sport that has caught on big-time.  This is a perfect summer workout that not only challenges the body, but provides you with time to enjoy the water before the chill of autumn makes itself felt. Many parks and beaches offer rentals by the day or by the hour, making it a convenient activity for a large group. All you need is a board and a paddle and you can hit the water.  This is a great form of exercise that helps you with balance and strengthens your core.

Hiking: This is one of the most affordable activities to keep your fitness levels at their peak.  Enjoy the summer by taking a hike in one of the local state parks that offer hiking trails.  Or make a list of hiking trips that you would like to tackle like some of the 1000 ft. plus trails in states like Colorado, Montana and Vermont.  You not just get to keep your physical self in shape but there is nothing like a hike to help relieve the stress of everyday life then leaving it far behind you on the trail. Remember, an hour hike can burn over 350 calories and will challenge and tone your muscles when you’re trekking on an incline.  So, Lace up those hiking boots, strap on a pack and go and hit the trails.

Biking: Taking a bike ride, like hiking, makes use of a lot of the core muscle groups.  A good bike ride which includes inclines can burn off as much as 500 calories an hour.  Always remember to wear reflective clothing and be aware of your surroundings and obey the rules of the road that you share with others.

HIIT Training: Since you are already into fitness, you know that exercising at intense levels (high intensity interval training – HIIT) can take your training and fitness to the next level.  Why not take it outside and create a course of sprint intervals that not only provide you with an intense workout, but you are also getting the benefit of exercising out-doors.  This alone can add a new dimension to your workout routines.  Go ahead, move your routine outside and take advantage of an outdoors workout!

Beach Volleyball: I think I mentioned this earlier.  Beach volleyball is a great summertime activity to enjoy at the beach. Not only is it summer friendly but it will also help maximize your speed and strength. Think of how many times you jump, run, or rotate your body to perform a serve and win the game. According to , “45 minutes of volleyball burns up to 585 calories, resulting in significant weight loss over an extended period of time. This reduces the risks of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.” Get ready to have fun with your friends and burn calories in the process!

Swimming: One of the best overall workouts is swimming.  Most people take advantage of fitness clubs that have indoor pools or their local YMCA’s but with the summer comes outdoor swimming. From local lakes and ponds to beach fronts. The summer season is an open invitation to hit the water and have some fun while your body benefits from the workouts.  This summer-favorite pastime is a great way to tone the body, boost your metabolism and burn massive calories; so what’s not to love?

All of the above outdoor activities can be done up until the leaves start to fall and some of the recreational fitness activities like hiking and biking can be done well into the early winter months.  So there is no reason to let these outdoor activities fall by the wayside with the setting of the summer sun.  Keep active and keep yourself fit!


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