September is Self-Improvement Month

Posted by Beth Hartman



September is the unofficial start to the fall season. When you think of fall you think of the leaves turning and then dropping to form a soft cushion on the forest floor. While to some, fall represents the decline in outdoor activities don’t “fall” into this old trap that now you can slow down since the summer sun is lower on the horizon. Rather, September is also known as the Self-improvement month. This makes a great time to get yourself motivated to have a fall fitness routine take the place of those hot,summertime activities. You can still keep working your body this time of year and not have to hide it under a bulky sweater or jacket.   Below are a few recommendations to keep you active during the fall season. Make a goal for yourself that you want to not only look your best but also feel your best at you get yourself ready for the upcoming, Winter holiday festivities.  They are not that far off!

With the fall season comes apple picking time. Going to a local orchard and taking the time and effort to actually pick a bushel of apples for your autumn baking recipes can have you burning up to 300 calories per hour. Take your Fitbit Activity Monitor with you and just see how much progress you’re making in reaching your daily goal.  The more you reach out for that golden or red delicious apple the better.

Fall also means Halloween is right around the corner. Like you did with the apples take your kids with you to a pumpkin patch and go exploring for that perfect “Charlie Brown” pumpkin.  Take an hour or two to explore the fields for that round, orange symbol of trick or treating fun and you will get the benefits of not only walking with your family but also of breathing in that cool fall air.

Did you know that most of the north-eastern United States promote the changing of the seasons with “Fall Foliage” events.  There are a number of state parks that promote their amazing vistas while offering bike rentals so that you can have your own Norman Rockwell experience.  Use a Garmin 500 GPS cycling computer so that you can stay on the right trail as you take in these ever-changing views.

You can take in the beautiful scenic outdoor views by hitting the local rivers and lakes by rowing and kayaking, this fall.  Both make for challenging cardiovascular workouts. They both work the arms, shoulders, back and core muscle groups.  This is a great way to experience our waterways and keep yourself fit during the fall season.

Hiking the trails this fall is one of the easiest things you can do that will help you stay in shape while getting you outside to enjoy what nature has to offer.  Hiking uphill, even at a gradual incline, works the quads, hamstrings, adductors (inner thigh muscles), and abductors (outer thigh muscles), and also strengthens your lower back and core.  But remember to stay hydrated as you go for those invigorating hikes by taking along a Camelbak Lux Hydration pack.  Its 3 liter reservoir is ample to keep you from becoming dehydrated as you enjoy your natural surroundings.

So embrace the month of September, the fall season and the crisp outdoors.  Keep yourself motivated to improve your health and wellness.


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