Father’s Day 2016- Just Around The Corner!! Please NOT Another Tie!!

Posted by Beth Hartman

Ok, Father’s Day will be here before you know it. What’s your ideas for getting your dad this year? Are you going to opt in for the same old tired tie routine?? That might have worked when you were 9 or 10 years of age, but not now. Think about it. Why not get your father a gift that will help him to be around for the next 20-30 yrs. This way Dad can be a part of all those special moments in your life still to come.

Now, this isn't as dull a present as it might sound. We're not talking about a home defibrillator, or a year's supply of cholesterol-lowering statins, or a subscription to the Sprout of the Month Club. A healthy gift doesn't have to be something that produces a feeble smile from your dad -- and a frantic hope that you'll give him the receipt so he can return it the next day. Plenty of Father's Day gifts can be fun but also encourage a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few ideas.

Fitness Gifts
Obviously, getting some physical activity is good for people of any age, so use your Father's Day gift to encourage your dad to get moving. Even if he's fallen out of the habit of exercising regularly, a new piece of equipment might be just the thing to inspire your father to start up again.

Think about getting him back onto the tennis court with a new racket or onto the golf course with a new set of clubs. Something as simple as a new basketball hoop in the driveway might make him almost as happy now as it did when he was 10! Why not help him stay motivated with an activity tracker like Fitbit Alta It can let him know at a glance how’s he’s doing activity wise and help him stay motivated to keep himself moving and being physical so he can stay mobile and flexible for many years to come.

But what if your dad isn't quite the sporty type and you still want to encourage him to get some exercise?

Think about giving your dad a few sessions at the gym with a personal trainer. A trainer might help your father learn about the benefits of fitness, and perhaps help him figure out a kind of exercise that he'll enjoy. Or if your dad is more of a homebody and reluctant to trek to the fitness club -- and you've got some family members willing to chip in -- think about fitting up his basement with some new equipment, like a stationary bike or treadmill.  And to help you help him, why not have that Fitbit Alta tied into the gift as an additional Father's Day present. This way he can be reminded all the time to keep fit, and stay fit.  You and the rest of the family may want to challenge him to keep the motivation going. Ask him once a week in the beginning on how he is doing against his set goal, if your close enough to him-(distance wise) stop in and work out with him and if your too far away, a phone call, Skype or email checkup on his progress will help to keep his interests in staying fit at the fore-front of his weekly tasks!

An adjustable workout bench can also be a great Father's Day gift, and they are not only for younger guys keen on going shirtless at the beach. Strength training helps people stay healthy, especially as they get older. It allows seniors to stay more mobile and independent, and their increased agility reduces the risk of dangerous falls.

Then at the other end of the spectrum, we have new dads, who often find that the demands of fatherhood derail their longstanding exercise regimen. So think about some gifts that might allow a new father to exercise with his kids. While toddlers are pretty hopeless as running, walking or jogging partners, they may not mind being passengers. So a jogging stroller is a great way for young fathers or Grandfathers for that matter, to get back into shape while keeping an eye on their offspring. 

Outdoor Cooking
A lot of guys are seasonal cooks. While they don't have much interest in the oven and the stove, they love making dinner as soon as they can lug the grill out of the garage. Think about making your dad happy with some barbecuing accessories as a Father's Day gift. But get your dad to think of his grill as something more than an assembly line for hot-dogs, hamburgers, and other foods with dubious health benefits.  At HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com we have the perfect gift so that your Dad will always have their grilling sensations ready and perfectly cooked.  Check out the wireless-talking barbecue thermometer from Oregon 

Along that same track, think about getting your dad a vegetable tray or assortment of fruits and seafood. These can be placed right on the grill along with other foods of his choosing. Or think about getting a special spatula designed to flip fish fillets often called a fish turner. Another option would be a nice set of skewers for shrimp and vegetable kebabs. 

Many fathers seem to have an ingrained inability to take it easy. They just can't take a break. But as any doctor will tell you, relaxation up to a point, is important, both for your physical and mental health. So think about a Father's Day gift that will force your dad to have some fun and take some time off. A gift certificate for a massage is a good way to get someone to recuperate physically, but some dads may be a little resistant to using such a gift, so offer to go along with him and make it a time for you both, and maybe afterwards make time for a healthy lite dinner get caught up with what is going on in both of your lives.. This could turn out to be one of those memories that mean a lot to both of you!

If your dad's the type who never wants to take a vacation, force the issue. Give him a weekend away with his spouse or a buddy and make him do it. Or you could actually pick your dad up during his lunch break at work and drive off for an afternoon of fishing or hiking -- having cleared the idea with your dad's boss beforehand of course!!

Gadgets, and Odds and Ends
If your dad's already a weekend athlete, than maybe getting him an activity watch or better yet one with a heart rate monitor to help him monitor his daily progress and stats. Or maybe your dads a golfer, well giving him a gift that will help him analyze his swing so he can improve his distance might put a smile on his face. Check out this link from HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com and you can select for a variety of gifts that are sure to put a smile on your dad’s face,….. We guarantee you’re going to see a bigger smile than if he received a tie or aftershave!!! Click here to select that perfect gift for Dad.

Spending Time Together is always a great option. Think outside of the usual Father's Day mind-set. You don't have to follow the herd of early June shoppers to the mall. Instead, spending some time with your dad could be the best and healthiest gift you could give.

Try picking out a gift that you both can have some quality time in doing together, rather than a gift that's just for him. It strengthens the connection between a father and his child, which is what Father's Day is supposed to be about."

"Buy him a ticket to a special event, like a baseball game or maybe one of his favorite music groups, but make sure you take care of the details. He shouldn't have to drive, park, or figure anything out, and he won’t if you’re in the driver seat, taking care of all potential issues.

So keep the above in mind and think outside the box a little and again, if your having an issue in finding that perfect Father's Day give, check out the Father’s Day gift ideas from HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com  just click on this link below:

The Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas.

To All the Father's and Grand Father's out there Happy Father's Day from HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com !!





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