Mother's Day -- 2016

Posted by Beth Hartman

OK, you all know that this Sunday is Mother’s Day…. And maybe this year instead of sending just a card or dipping into your wallet to fund a lavish dinner in a restaurant that is overbooked with rowdy kids and a lot of noise. Maybe you can do something a little personal this year and take your mom, maybe the whole family that came in for the day to make it special and you all go out on a hike or walk around tour of your mother’s favorite places.

Now you can be inventive and put a great slant on this escapade by convincing the Nay-Sayers that it might be just the best mother’s day ever event by you all being there and taking part in a family outing with your mother as the focal point.

If your mom has moved away from where she grew up, maybe look into where she lived and look for places near her child-hood home that are significant to her and plan a walking trip, (if they are close together) to get out and view a part of her life that was important to her. Remember, it’s all in how you present it to everyone and you can still work in a nice meal together as a selling point.

Planning is the key to this and if you do your homework right, and ask some relatives or friends of your mom, on just what places meant a lot to her while she was growing up and plan this trip down memory lane accordingly.

I’m not saying that flowers, a card, cake and a meal are not the way to go.. But why not make the day a little more personal and if you can get everyone moving on this day, it will also be a healthy day spent with your mom and family.  As part of the fun, why not get everyone their own personal pedometer, so they can actually see the steps that they're taking to make Mom's day special. A great little pedometer that will do all that you need it to do to keep track of your steps on this day is the DMC03 MultiFunction Pedometer  and to commemorate the day, they can be imprinted with the family name, Mom's name and date to mark the day!!

You might want to go just one step further and if your going to have a crowd of people making this day special, why not get family t-shirts to mark the day. This would not only be a special surprise for mom, but it’s a nice way to remember the day you all spent together. Again, be creative and you will find many ways to make this Mother’s Day, one your mom will remember for a long long time!



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