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Home . Heart Rate Monitors . Heart Rate Monitors - All Models . Suunto Quest Black Heart Rate Monitor SS018153000
Suunto Quest Black Heart Rate Monitor SS018153000
  • Suunto Quest Black Heart Rate Monitor SS018153000
  • Suunto Quest Black Heart Rate Monitor SS018153000
  • Suunto Quest Black Heart Rate Monitor SS018153000
  • Suunto Quest Black Heart Rate Monitor SS018153000
  • Suunto Quest Black Heart Rate Monitor SS018153000
  • Suunto Quest Black Heart Rate Monitor SS018153000
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Suunto Quest Black Heart Rate Monitor SS018153000

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Color: BlackIn Stock
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Basic Features
  • Create training program in
  • Download training program to Suunto Quest
  • Stopwatch, interval timer, laps
  • Heart rate graphs and training effect in
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Heart rate and all training tools for on and off track training.
The outdoors is your gym. Whether you’re training for competition or fun, you need a watch you can rely on. With Suunto Quest, you can personalize and download your programs. Monitor your heart rate, speed, distance, running cadence and laps in real time. And even share, plan, and analyze your results at All crafted in a distinctly rugged design you can wear every day. Ensuring your life in the outdoors is always on track.

In The Box
  • Suunto Quest
  • Suunto Movestick Mini
  • Suunto Dual Comfort Belt

The robustly designed Suunto Quest lets you:

  • Create training program in
  • Next training reminder: duration, intensity
  • Time, date, dual time, alarm
  • Download training program to Suunto Quest
  • Upload training data to
  • Customize display and settings in
  • Stopwatch, interval timer, laps
  • Real time heart rate and heart rate zones
  • Real time speed and distance (With Optional Accessory)
  • Running cadence (With Optional Accessory)
  • Real time training intensity or speed guidance based on your training program
  • Water resistant to 30 m / 100 ft
  • Menu in 9 languages (EN, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, NL, SV, PT)
  • Heart rate graphs and training effect in
  • Speed graphs in with OPTIONAL Suunto PODs
  • Calories burned in
  • Training diary and in depth training analysis in

The chart below displays features, product's contents, possible accessories, warranty information and specifications.

Designed for: Training, Run, Cycle
HEART RATE features:
Heart Rate

% of HR,
30-240 bpm
Heart Rate transmission

ANT digital coded,
range 6 ft. from wrist unit
Heart Rate in real time

Heart Rate average

aver. in real time
Resting Heart Rate

est. at 60 bpm,
adjustable 30-100 bpm
CALORIES features:

cal. in real time
Heart rate zones
MEMORY features:

1 in device,
80 logs in memory
SPORT features:

Recovery Time Suggestion

after exercise,
in real time
Training Program

lasts 15 weeks
Training Effect

Training Duration

Limits and info in real time,
Guidance in real time

Running Cadence

TIMING features:

up to 20 hrs.

Interval timer

WATCH / DATE features:

12/24 hrs.,

DISPLAY features:


9 including
Turn on the backlight by keeping the middle button pressed.


Dot Matrix,
Menu based,
Tap on screen to skip to next data
Weight Capacity

66 to 400 lbs.
30 to 200 kg
Button lock
Activate and deactivate the button lock by pressing the crown and the middle button simultaneously.

Training data transfer and analysis

Download exercise programs to device

Battery type

user replaceable,
Battery life (approx.)
under normal usage

approx. 1 yr.
Low battery indicator

Sleep Mode

Water resistant - Wrist Unit

Water resistant - Transmitter

Temperature range
degrees celsius

degree farenheit

-20°C - +60°C

+5°F - +140°F
Weight of Wrist Unit


Main Unit

Heart Rate Transmitter

Dual Comfort Belt
Analog coded,
ANT coded
Owner's Manual

Keep the product's original packaging for the two years.

2 yrs.
Bike Pod

Foot Pod Mini


Road Bike Pod

A Manual is provided with this product.
For a PDF version to view now, please click here

Information on MovesCount
Features of Suunto

1. Scoreboard
On the scoreboard you’ll find a summary of all your latest activities, including:
- your latest Moves
- your next planned Moves
- latest Moves from members that you are a fan of - your discussions with other members
- the last event you’ve participated in and the events you’re attending in the future
- latest actions in groups that you belong to - your fans

Tip! You can embed your latest Move to your own website by using the embed feature by clicking the “Embed” link under the latest Move.

Scoreboard example

2. My Moves
In My Moves you can review all your Moves one by one, as well as get a monthly overview. To get your Moves into Movescount, you can either transfer them directly from your compatible Suunto device, or you can enter the data manually. What makes Movescount special is the amount of content you can input in a single Move, such as:
- detailed data on the activity you did, duration, heart rate data, weather, notes, etc.
- route of your Move, drawn on a map
- your images and videos or any picture or video automatically based on Move location from Flickr or Youtube
- sport-specific information such as scores in a soccer game

You can choose exactly what information you want to track. And in the interests of good housekeeping, when you add only the details you are interested in all the other fields won’t be visible when you save the Move. Tip! You can mark 5 of your Moves as your greatest Moves which will be shown on your public profile.

3. Summary

In My Moves you can see a summary of your Moves. The summary is dynamic, so it shows only the values that you are interested in. Select the criteria you’re interested in from the calendar or the tag cloud—read more about those on the next pages. Summaries include
- totals like number of Moves, duration, burnt calories, etc.
- distribution of different activities
- distribution of distances, ascents, speeds and depths
- Training Effect distribution
- heart rate zone distribution
- Free compare tool for seeing the differences
- all the Moves from selected time span or specific criteria (longest Moves, for example)

Tip! You can edit multiple Moves at the same time. For example, if you bought a pair of new running shoes in the beginning of the month, choose all the running Moves you’ve done by clicking the month and the running activity icon, and add a tag of the brand name to all those Moves – a great way to track the mileage of your new shoes.

4. Calendar
Calendar is an easy way to visualize all your Moves. You can see your Moves and your planned Moves all at once. Click the magnitude glass icon to enlarge the view and to view it your Moves on a more detailed level.
When using the calendar with the Summary you can choose specific Moves from the calendar—for instance, one week, one month or just some specific Moves.

Tip! You can add Moves manually as well as plan your Moves directly in the calendar.

5. Table
Another way to look at your Moves is the table. You can analyze your Moves and see totals based on the activity and by month. In the table mode you can select individual Moves, just as you do on the calendar. You can enlarge the table by clicking the magnitude glass icon.
It’s possible to compare your Moves in the table based of, for instance, tags—by sorting the tags column you can see all your Moves tagged with “interval running” or any other tag. To get a summary of the table, just select several Moves.

Tip! You can also add, edit and delete Moves in the table.

6. Tag Cloud
Tags are a great way to look at your achievements. In the tag cloud you can see all the tags you have used for your Moves. The size of the tag represents the frequency of the tag used, e.g. the bigger the tag, the more you have used it. When using the tag cloud in conjunction with the summary you can choose one or several tags just by clicking them in the cloud. You can also select the activity if you wish to see summary of certain activity and certain tag.

Tip! You can do a lot of tracking of your Moves by using tags, e.g. type of shoes, or type of training (for example intervals), or the place you were training in. Just remember to tag all your Moves when you add them on Movescount!

7. Route Planner
The Route planner allows you to create and import routes on the map and share them with others. Routes can be easily added to your Moves. In routes you can see where other members have made their Moves, and if you see something you like, you can add it to your route collection. If there are lots of Moves done with the same route, you can see all your Moves done on that route listed, with their respective speed and date.

Tip! Whenever you see a route with multiple Moves, you can always click on an individual Move to check it out in detail. That pretty much goes across Movescount—just click on any Moves or members to see more information.

8. Planned Moves
In the Training program planner you can plan your upcoming Moves as well as create yourself a training program—read more about training programs on the next page. In planned Moves you can plan your future training week by week. You can plan each Move separately or just add a whole training program you have saved into your training programs. In planned Moves you can see
- the average time per week
- activity class for the week calculated based on the training
- duration on a weekly level
- intensity distribution on a weekly level

Tip! If you make the same Move regularly, e.g. take the same indoor cycling class, save it to your Moves section in the Training program planner. That way it’s easy to add it to your planned Moves.

9. Training Programs
In the Training program planner you see all the training programs you have created or saved in the community. When you create a new training program, you must
- name the training program
- define its publicity level. Make it private if you don’t want others to see it, or public if you want to share it with others.
- add Moves and their duration, intensity, activity and the day

You can also
- add tags
- add a description

10. Moves
All Moves that are made by public members are shown in Moves. There you can see what kind of Moves others get up to—and maybe get some inspiration or start a friendly competition. You can see all the data they’ve included in the Move. If you want to give your seal of approval, you can give a thumbs-up to the Move or a shout in the shoutbox and the member who made the Move will see it in their scoreboard.
You can browse other members’ Moves either on the map view – that is focused to the location you have set in your profile location – or as a list. You can sort Moves in many ways—selecting between most liked, latest and longest, selecting the activity from activity icons or choosing the time frame.

Tip! Each Move has its unique address so you can always share the most inspiring, record-breaking, blood, sweat, and tears-inducing Moves in Twitter, Facebook, or other social media site by clicking on the icon on the bottom-right corner.

11. Member
All public members can be found in the members section. If you find a friend, or someone who’s doing things you appreciate, you might start following that person or cheer them on in the shoutbox.
You can browse Members either on a map view – that is focused to the location you have set in your profile location – or as a list. You can sort Members in many ways—selecting between most active, most popular, latest and in alphabetical order, or selecting the activity from activity icons. You can also search for other members if you know their username.

Tip! Your public profile has a unique address (URL) that you can use in your own blog, homepage, or even your email signature. This is also possible for every Move, group and route! If you don’t find your friend, please ask him to join. It’s free!

12. Groups
All different groups created on Movescount are listed below Groups. If you find a crowd and you want to be a part of it, just join the group. Or, if the group you need is missing, create your own. To be able to join or create a group your account has to be public. In a group you can
- see how other group members are doing this month
- see the latest Moves that have been done by group members
- discuss with other members (challenges, anyone?)

You can browse Groups either on a map view – that is focused to the location you have set in your profile location – or in a list. You can sort Groups in many ways—selecting between biggest, latest, most liked and in alphabetical order, or selecting the activity from activity icons.

Tip! As group manager you have the possibility to leave messages that are always presented first on the group page.
Tip! You can embed top 10 list to you own webpage.

13. Events
All events created on Movescount are listed below Events. If you find an event you’re taking part in, just attend it. Or, if the event you’re attending is missing, you can create that yourself. To be able to attend or create events your account has to be public. In an event you can
- see when and where the event is held
- see the activity of the event and get more information about it
- see the location, route and distance
- discuss with other members
- see the countdown in days
- see pictures linked to the event
- see the results after the event

You can browse Events either on a map view – that is focused to the location you have set in your profile location – or in a list. You can sort Events in many ways—selecting between date, biggest and most liked, or selecting the activity from activity icons. You can also search events by name.

Tip! Link pictures in Flickr to the event by tagging them with tag generated in Movescount. You find the correct tag from the event under the pictures header.

14. Moveslink
Movescount can also be used with Suunto devices. You can track your Moves with the t3, t4, t6, M4, M5, X9i, X9Mi, X10 and Memory Belt and transfer data to Movescount. In order to do this, you need to install the Moveslink software. Moveslink is a small piece of software that transfers Moves from your devices to Movescount, and at the same time it keeps your device and Movescount settings synchronized. Moveslink is compatible with both Mac and PC. Find the software from

Tip! You can transfer Moves from your device even without internet connection. Moveslink will ensure that data is then transferred to Movescount when you’re next connected!

Quest - Introduction

Quest - Setting

Quest - Training

Quest – Tap Function

Quest – Pairing with Foot Pod

Quest – Adjusting the Setting
Suunto Quest Black Heart Rate Monitor SS018153000$199.00
5 stars based on 1 review 
I would recommend to a friend
Suunto Quest HRM watch 5 I've had a Sunnto Vector watch for years and it just performs, so I decided to try the Quest. It's been terrific thus far and as with the Vector, it simply performs.

I'm looking forward to trying one of the pods and getting more data on my workouts.

Terrific buy!
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