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Ice it! ColdCOMFORT (model 514)
  • Ice it! ColdCOMFORT (model 514)
  • Ice it! ColdCOMFORT (model 514)
  • Ice it! ColdCOMFORT (model 514)

Ice it! ColdCOMFORT (model 514)

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Ankle/Elbow/Foot System 10.5" x 13" Model 514 is a joint-specific design that fits a variety of uses. Three cold packs surround the entire area with cold therapy to maximize benefit. Helpful in the treatment of sprains, strains, tendonitis, inflammation, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Faciitis, arthritis pain and much more.

What's In The Box
  • 2-4.5"x7" and 1-3"x6" Cold Packs
  • Stay Put Holster with velcro closure
The Ice It!® Cold Pack Features
  • Fully Flexible: Molds around painful areas when frozen
  • High Freezing Point: Quickly reaches freezing temperature
  • Stays Colder Longer: Maintains temperature longer for maximum therapeutic benefit
  • Quality Materials: Non-toxic fill inside latex-free vinyl
  • Durability: Can be used several times a day
The Fabric Cover Features
  • Protects Skin: Fabric shields skin from hypothermia related tissue damage
  • Insulated: Retains temperature longer
  • Comfort: Plush fabric & foam cushion are soft & gentle on sensitive skin
  • Protects Clothing: Prevents condensation from wetting clothes
  • Machine-Washable: Fully removable to maintain freshness and appearance
The Elastic Strap Features
  • Velcro: Fully detachable at both ends
  • Stability: Provided by generous width
  • Long Length: Provides virtually unlimited positioning options
  • Compression: Adjusts for customized compression
  • Hands-Free Usage: Allows you to maintain activity during cold therapy
Can I use my Ice It!® Pack as a microwave hot pack?
The Battle Creek® Ice It!® pack is designed for cold therapy treatments, and we would not recommend heating it in the microwave to use it as a hot pack. Any enclosed gel-pack that is heated in the microwave should be treated with extreme caution to avoid injury. Excessive heating can cause expansion of the filling and pressure on the vinyl enclosure. If you need heat therapy, we recommend the use of a Thermophore® pack.

What is the filling material made from in Ice It!® cold packs?
The patented, non-toxic gel is comprised of a mixture of plant cellulose and salt water. It freezes quickly, but remains pliable, and retains its low temperature longer than typical cold packs because of the salt content.

Why is Ice It!® better than using a bag of frozen peas?
Frozen peas make a good ice pack in an emergency, but for longer term use an Ice It!® Delivers a more even, longer-lasting, consistent, and safe solution. Ice it!® remains flexible, even after freezing, and therefore can be stored in the freezer to be ready at a moment's notice. But Ice It!® Deluxe Wraps conveniently hold the cold pack in place, with no slipping around, no wet, drippy condensation and less of a chance that you could be damaging your skin by getting it too cold. In addition, the filling in the Ice It!® cold pack maintains an evenly cool temperature longer, so it’s more comfortable and you don’t have to keep changing it so often.

Why is cold therapy effective?
Cold therapy penetrates into tissues to slow circulation, decrease pain and relax muscle spasms. Athletes have long known the benefits of cold therapy, and even "week-end warriors" will find Ice It!® beneficial in preventing or reducing swelling after exercise. In addition, using cold to slow circulation is helpful in reducing inflammation, swelling and/or bruising after any type of trauma, dental procedure or insect bite. Cold therapy is also used on burns to prevent further tissue damage.

When should I use cold therapy?
Always follow the recommendation of your personal physician, but generally doctors recommend the RICE protocol (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) during the first 24-48 hours after minor injuries or medical procedures. Ice It!® provides the perfect solution to cold therapy with gentle compression, making it easier for you to just find a comfortable position to elevate and rest. Since you don't have to fuss with holding a too-cold, slippery, drippy bag of ice in place, and you don't have to jump up to change it every few minutes, you get much more benefit, rest and relief. Meanwhile, the Ice It!® cold therapy system works to improve the condition causing pain - a combination providing maximum effectiveness.

What types of problems respond well to cold therapy?
Cold therapy has long been the preferred treatment for emergencies like insect bites or bee stings, household burns, bruises, cuts or scrapes. Toothache or pain and swelling from dental treatments or surgery are often treated with cold therapy. Headache, including sinus pain or migraine can be relieved or minimized with the application of cold to the face or back of the neck. The lingering after-effect of sports injuries can often be reduced by the immediate application of cold to the affected area to reduce bruising, swelling, muscle spasm and inflammation. Tendon and/or joint problems such as TMJ, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff (shoulder) pain or most types of knee pain (whether from torn cartilage, hyper-extension, arthritis or surgery) often respond well to cold therapy. Many types of muscle spasm, back pain, neck pain, arthritis pain - nearly any condition that involves pain, swelling or inflammation - may be relieved to a surprising extent by the simple application of cold therapy.

Why may my doctor or physical therapist tell me to use both hot and cold therapy for pain?
Medical professionals have learned that many problems can respond well to either hot or cold therapy, and their experience has been that one or the other may work better under certain conditions. Often, it is most effective to alternate hot and cold therapy to stimulate circulation, relieve pain and relax muscle spasm. Your doctor or physical therapist has the experience and training to understand your body and the problems you are having, and will be your best source of advice.

Who needs to have an Ice It!® pack in their freezer?
Often, a quick trip to the Emergency Room means coming home with one of those disposable ice bags. They work to get you home in the car, but aren't good for more than an hour or so. These days, all but the most extensive surgeries and broken bones are treated as outpatient or short-stay procedures. As a result, many patients are instructed to use cold therapy at home as part of the post-surgical effort to control swelling, bleeding and pain. Ice It!® will easily conform to these tender body contours for maximum effectiveness and a quicker recovery.

My Ice It!® pack has begun to leak. Will the filling hurt me or stain my clothes? Can it be fixed?
The filling inside your Ice It!® pack is completely non-toxic and primarily made up of salt water. We certainly don't suggest that you put it in your mouth or eyes, but it won't harm you if there's some accidental contact. It should clean right off your clothing, carpet, bedding or furniture. Unfortunately, we are not able to re-seal the Ice It!® packs if they do begin to leak, but they are so durable that leaking is an unusual occurrence.
Ice it! ColdCOMFORT (model 514)$32.99
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I would recommend to a friend
ColdComfort 514 3 Easy to wrap around foot and the cold pack inserts are flexible and easy to conform to my foot. I believe the design of this product is solid but opening the velcro pockets to insert the cold packs not so easy. Good product and i do recommend it. Be aware that the cold packets do not retain cold for an extended length of time.
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