Polar Transmitters, Straps and Heart Bras

Polar Bluetooth Smart Chest Transmitter H7 + Polar Stride Sensor - Runners Pack

$159.90 from $129.95
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Polar H1 Heart Rate Sensor Transmitter Set

$59.99 from $46.95
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  • Blue
  • Pink

Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Chest Transmitter

$79.95 from $46.95
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Polar Nike+ Wearlink+ Coded Chest Transmitter and Elastic Strap 92043571

$89.95 $44.35
Free Shipping!

Polar Replacement Elastic Strap for T-Series Transmitters (T31 strap)

$8.95 $5.95

Polar Replacement Heart Rate Monitor Soft Strap

$21.95 from $13.55

Polar Replacement Soft Strap for Wearlink Bluetooth H1 H2 H6 H7 Transmitters

$21.95 from $13.33

Polar T31 Coded Chest Transmitter and Elastic Strap

$45.95 from $38.45
Free Shipping!

Polar T31 T34 Non-Coded Chest Transmitter and Elastic Strap

$45.95 from $34.50

Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth Heart Rate Transmitter Set

$79.95 $59.00
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Need a Replacement Transmitter or Strap? In this section, you will find a selection of all current Polar Transmitters like the Polar older T31, Brand new H7 Bluetooth, Wearlink, Wind and More.
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