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Polar A300 Activity & Sleep Tracker

$219.99 from $99.95
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Polar A360 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

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Polar Armband designed for G5 GPS Sensors 91041573

$34.95 $29.00

Polar Armband Strap designed for G1 and G3 GPS Sensors 91032321

$16.95 $12.95

Polar Bluetooth Cadence Sensor 91047328

$49.95 $37.40
Free Shipping!

Polar Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Transmitter H7 + Polar Stride Sensor - Runners Pack

$159.90 $129.95
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Polar Bluetooth Speed and Cadence Sensors

$79.95 $69.99
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Polar CS Cadence Sensor 91026636

$34.50 $24.99

Polar CS Cadence Sensor W.I.N.D. 91026657

$59.95 $39.72
Free Shipping!

Polar CS Speed Sensor W.I.N.D. and Dual Lock Bike Mount 91038568

$54.96 $43.50
Free Shipping!

Polar CS Speed Sensor W.I.N.D. and Universal Bike Mount Set 91037386

$59.95 $52.95
Free Shipping!

Polar CS Speed Sensor W.I.N.D. with Twist Bike Mount

$59.95 $40.00
Free Shipping!

Polar CS Twist Lock Bike Mount 91028692

$9.99 $8.95

Polar DataLink W.I.N.D. 91038711

$54.95 $47.85
Free Shipping!

Polar Equine H3 Heart Rate Sensor Electrode Base Set 93046680

$119.95 $79.95
Free Shipping!

Polar EQUINE H3 Heart Rate Sensor Strap Set 93046681

$119.95 $109.95
Free Shipping!

Polar Equine HealthCheck FT1 Heart Rate Monitor 93045117

$79.95 $71.06
Free Shipping!

Polar Equine InZone Heart Rate Monitor 93039578

$129.95 $79.99
Free Shipping!

Did you know that Polar has been listening to your body since 1977? For more than thirty years, Polar heart rate monitors have been in tune with your needs as an athlete and at Heart Rate Monitors USA, we're proud to carry Polar heart rate monitors, Polar heart rate watches, accessories, and more so that you can meet your wellness goals head on. From the Polar FT7 to the Polar FT40, our selection has exactly what you need to train, compete, and perform at your best.

Designed to perform under pressure yet made to keep up with your body's changing needs, Polar heart rate monitors and heart rate watches allow for you to adapt your watch to your training plan -- not the other way around. You get precise measurement, accurate data, and best of all, great features that can make training and meeting your wellness goals even easier. Whether it's the Polar FT7, the Polar FT40, or the Polar CS500, Heart Rate Monitors USA is sure to have the Polar heart rate monitor you're looking for.

Let the selection of Polar heart rate monitors and heart rate watches at Heart Rate Monitors USA be your place to turn when you need the right training tool. Shop our selection and save.

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