Garmin VIRB HD Action Cameras

Garmin Lithium-ion Battery Charger

$24.99 $19.99

Garmin Lithium-ion Battery Pack

$40.69 $36.99
Free Shipping!

Garmin Mount Base Kit (designed for VIRB X and VIRB XE sold separately)


Garmin USB Cable

$14.99 $10.99

Garmin Vehicle Power Cable

$24.99 $16.99

Garmin Vented Helmet Strap Mount (designed for VIRB X and VIRB XE sold separately)


Garmin VIRB Adjustable Mounting Arms Kit

$19.99 $14.99

Garmin VIRB Audio-Video Cable

$29.99 $21.50

Garmin VIRB Auto Dash Suction Mount

$24.99 $22.50

Garmin VIRB External Mic Adapter

$14.99 $12.99

Garmin VIRB Handlebar / Rollbar Mount

$24.99 $23.50

Garmin VIRB Headstrap Mount

$21.99 $16.99

Garmin VIRB Mount Base Kit


Garmin Virb Remote

Free Shipping!

Garmin VIRB Shoulder Harness Mount

$39.99 $39.50
Free Shipping!

Garmin VIRB Small Tube Mount


Garmin VIRB USB Power Adapter

$25.00 $24.50

Garmin VIRB Vented Helmet Strap Mount

$14.99 $12.95

The Garmin VIRB HD camera is both durable and waterproof. HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com has the accessories you need to let you capture any action event, anytime, anywhere. Accessories like the Garmin VIRB Remote which allows you to use your camera from up to 10 meters away using its wireless connectivity.  Take multiple action shots with various camera mounts like the Garmin VIRB Vented Helmet Strap, or the VIRB Handlebar Mount.
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